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2021 ~ Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF)

Special Exhibit: One Woman Show, Creative Play With Appliqué ~ Sheila Collins

2020 ~ Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF) - Virtual

Special Exhibit: Creative Play With Appliqué ~ Sheila Collins

2020 ~ Cherrywood Challenge

Diana Challenge Entry: Memories of A Princess
My entry was selected as a finalist from the challenge, and it’s presently globe trotting with the exhibit.

2019 ~ Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF)

Quilters Adventure Tour: I was one of two featured quilters.
I had the pleasure of welcoming 35 new friends, arriving on a tour bus, to my home to learn about my story and art.

2018 ~ Cherrywood Challenge

Prince Challenge Entry: A Gallery of Memories
My piece was selected as a finalist from the challenge, and it had the good fortune to travel around the world with the exhibit.

2017 ~ Cherrywood Challenge

Van Gogh Challenge Entry: Night Into Day
My quilt was selected as a finalist from the challenge, and got to criss-cross the globe with the exhibit.

2014 ~ Stitch Magazine

Featured Artwork: Island Pleasures
My piece was highlighted in the magazine along with the pattern.


Cindy Sojourner, President, Piecemakers Quilt Guild of Alameda County

What a wonderful day learning the Mandala Blossom’s hidden and obvious techniques that Sheila Collins demonstrated and explained beautifully! We all made delightful progress on our own interpretations of the Mandala Blossom. We got to choose our own fancy stitches, varied fabrics, varied sizes and numbers of circles, and order of getting steps done. Sheila’s encouragement and time with Piecemaker friends added to the fun.

This workshop was so much fun. I learned to like 3 tools I dreaded: an Elna Press, a Dritz fabric covered button kit, and a large compass. I learned the complexity of even and clean layering with heavy stabilizers and fancy stitched sections. I discovered a lot of fun work, creative thought, and flexibility goes into creating the delightful and precise textile art patterns of Sheila Collins.

Diane Kirkpatrick, Program Chairperson, Piece by Piece Quilters of Morgan Hill

It was indeed a delight to have you visit our Piece by Piece Quilters of Morgan Hill once again to give a workshop and as our guest speaker at the meeting in the evening. Your work is so creative and colorful, and I think your pieces brought smiles to everyone’s face; I know they certainly made me smile. Your presentation was, once again, inspiring. It was interesting to hear about your journey and how it is that you came to create Sheila Collins Fabric Art.

I talked with members who also participated in the workshop and some of the comments I heard were: “Delightful!” “Fun!” “Lively!” I thought the pattern was whimsical and reminiscent of Capitola.

Connie Bowles, Program Chair, Peninsula Quilters Guild

Thank you for your presentation at the recent guild meeting of the Peninsula Quilters Guild. Many of your fans were in the audience and, during your presentation, I’m certain you gained even more. We were all so impressed with your artistry and overall presentation, and I’m personally looking forward to future guild Show & Tells where our members will be sharing quilts made from your patterns.

Sandie Durgin, President, Sun City Anthem Sewing & Quilting Club

The Sewing and Quilting Club of Sun City Anthem thoroughly enjoyed your presentation to our group. You were vivacious, fun, professional, and we loved sharing your journey from young seamstress to fabric artist. The art pieces that you brought with you were inspiring, colorful and happy! Keep making art!

Jane Alameda, Program Chairman, Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild

Sheila Collins has been a repeat guest at our guild, and we love her!! Most recently, she was scheduled to do a lecture at the meeting, and a workshop the following day. Unfortunately, the workshop had to be canceled (our fault, not hers) but she came for the lecture on our meeting day. And what a lecture it was! Sheila “beefed up” a regular lecture with what amounted to a class, presenting various samples along with detailed instructions/tips/hints galore. She went the extra mile for us, and we sincerely appreciated and benefitted from her visit. Sheila’s quilting style goes above and beyond the normal projects. She injects clever touches and unique features that enrich her work (and ours!), and she is so generous with her tips and explanations that make all these features a do-able reality for quilters, novice and experienced. She validates the concept of “What if…?” and encourages and enables her audience to reach out and try new things. She has promised to keep us abreast of her future development, so we can have her again with more wonderful ideas and tips and learning opportunities…and we will, too!